Over the last ten years, probiotics have taken center stage as a significant cornerstone of vibrant health. Every year, new research continues to show that having the right gut flora can improve digestion, support immune system health, help promote better moods and more. Many people do not have a “healthy microbiome” – which refers to a diverse and balanced amount of “good” and “bad” bacteria in the gut.  Without this, it’s hard to optimize and maintain good health. To help ensure you’re getting enough “good” bacteria, taking a daily probiotic supplement is recommended for most people.

5 Ways Probiotics May Help Promote Better Health

Correct Gut Flora Balance for Better Digestion

Taking a daily supplement of probiotics can help promote the correct balance of bacteria within the digestive system. Many factors can cause a person to have a poor gut flora balance, such as too much sugar in the diet, inadequate fiber intake, the consumption of antibiotics, and various gut disorders. Taking a probiotic supplement can help promote a healthier intestinal environment, along with diet modifications

Support Mood and Emotional Health

According to recent studies, poor gut biome health can negatively affect mood and emotional health. This is because poor gut microflora can release toxins into the bloodstream, inhibit the proper absorption of critical nutrients, and even disrupt the normal inflammation response within the brain.

Support Heart and Cardiovascular Health

Several recent studies found that  certain probiotic strains may help you maintain normal LDL cholesterol levels ( LDL cholesterol is the “bad” cholesterol)  It is believed that a proper balance of gut microflora can help slow the absorption of excessive amounts of LDL within the digestive tract. 

Promote Regularity and Healthy Elimination

Maintaining a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria in the intestines is also important for staying regular and avoiding overly loose stools. When this balance is out of whack, food may not be digested properly, which may lead to overly loose stools, extremely watery diarrhea, or make you less regular.

Support Immune System Function

Research is beginning to show a clear correlation between gut bacteria health and overall immune system function. Individuals with healthy microflora tend to have far healthier immune systems than individuals without a healthy balance of good and bad gut bacteria.