Vitamins and nutrients are essential to keeping the body healthy. Unfortunately, some individuals may find it challenging to get all the vitamins and nutrients you need when eating an average diet. The problem is even worse when attempting to survive on a poor diet. Failing to receive proper nourishment can potentially lead to some serious health problems if you are not careful. The following are the four biggest signs that your body is lacking key nutrients. 


Slow Healing Wounds

The human body has a natural healing process that is supposed to close and heal wounds quickly. This helps prevent infections and other complications from the injury. Vitamin C plays a huge role in this healing process by reducing inflammation and attaching cells to close open sores. If you are dealing with slow-healing wounds, then you may be lacking this key vitamin. Another sign of vitamin C deficiency is irregular bruising. 


Bone and Joint Discomfort

It is completely natural for your body to be a little sore after a long day at work. A problem arises when these body pains occur without much physical exertion. If the bone and joint pain is similar to what you experienced as a growing child, then you may be lacking the proper amount of vitamin D. Eating fish, drinking milk and spending a few minutes in the sunshine every day are great ways to increase vitamin D levels. 


Sudden Dramatic Hair Loss

The typical life cycle of a hair follicle makes it completely normal to find some loose hairs in the shower or on a brush. You only need to start worrying when large patches of hair fall out at the same time. One of the main causes of sudden and dramatic hair loss is an iron deficiency. Taking supplements is one of the best ways to reverse this health issue. 


Abnormal Heartbeat

Calcium is a crucial nutrient that helps keep several aspects of the body healthy. One of the most important functions of calcium is to help maintain a regular heartbeat. This is important because it ensures the entire gets enough oxygen and blood. If you are experiencing an irregular heartbeat, then it is time to increase your dairy and green vegetable intake. Cramps and muscle twitches are also indicative of calcium deficiency.